June 02, 2006

Parable of Prohibition

VIa The Germans Bombed My Chippy this is almost a parable of prohibition.

Because the kids where getting fat a school decides to ban sweets. 'Think of the children', as normal is the excuse for this bit of petty authoritarianism. So what happens? Do the kids deprived of chocolate and E numbers suddenly discover the joys of fruit and transform into the sports stars of the future. Well no, it's just that the supply goes under ground and a whole bunch of dealers spring up to supplier their fellow pupils chocolate cravings. They start off on the soft centres and end up taking harder candy, maybe a even hit coca cola. The price has even gone down since escaping the authorities approved monopoly supplier.

Well at least these kids are learning a valuable lesson in economics, and business studies. Probably a more useful lesson than much of what is on the official curriculum.


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